What is Senate District 34 and what do we do?

Our mission is to endorse, support and elect Republicans to fight for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our local, state and federal government.We pursue this goal by mobilizing our local area conservatives in support of our local issues as well as Endorsed Candidates.

You can visit the Minnesota Legislative site to gather more information about the legislative process and session activity.

You may also hear us described as a “BPOU”.  What is a BPOU?!

BPOU stands for Basic Political Operating Unit and is your grass roots level of political organization. Generally the BPOU encompasses a particular Senate District.

The BPOU operates as a fairly independent group having its own executive committee, leadership, budget, etc. Each BPOU endorses Delegates & Alternates during election years at it’s Caucuses and during off-election years holds conventions to elect officers to the executive committee and address other new business.

(Each ten years redistricting could affect the BPOU boundaries.)

Our Senate District

Located on the north west side of the metro, Minnesota’s thirty-fourth state senate district is represented by Senator Warren Limmer and Rogers, Dayton and Maple Grove in House District 34A State Representative Kristin Robbins.

Minnesota state senators represent an average of 79,163 residents. After the 2000 Census, each member represented 73,425 residents.


Our Senate District Maps

Senate District 34– Represented by 1 senator and representatives from 34A and 34B

Senate District 34A – One Representative for the A side of the district

Senate District 34B – One Representative for the B side of the district

Your Precinct

Also called an election district this is one of a fixed number of districts, each containing one polling place, into which a city, town, etc., is divided for voting purposes.


The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Polling Place Finder allows you to find important information for your precinct by address, including: your polling place – where you vote, map and directions.

You can also interactively find your precinct, though this tool is not ideal for small screens such as smart phones.

The Republican Party of Minnesota believes in the “American Dream” for all Minnesotans.

At the Republican Party of Minnesota, we believe in championing every Minnesotan to chase their “American Dream.” Whether it’s opening a restaurant, becoming a doctor to provide for others, educating our children or building a strong family – we are the party to help make dreams become a reality.”

"Our party’s foundation is focused on creating limitless opportunities for Minnesotans and standing up for our Midwestern values and ideals."

Our party’s foundation is focused on creating limitless opportunities for Minnesotans and standing up for our Midwestern values and ideals. Together as a group of activists, business and community leaders and elected leaders, we work on behalf of all Minnesotans each and every day.

We are a party that believes in collaboration, positivity and ensuring our environments are inclusive, honest and transparent. We invite you to learn more about our values and join our movement to Make Minnesota Red.


Jennifer Carnahan Chair,
Republican Party of Minnesota

Our Values

Promote Economic Prosperity

We support lowering the tax burden, exercising spending restraint, and creating and maintaining a fair, honest and competitive business environment to promote economic prosperity and once again make Minnesota the economic engine of the Upper Midwest.

Preserve Civil Rights

We support defending the right to life, protecting religious, political and economic liberties, and respecting personal privacy and property to preserve civil rights and ensure that government treats all of its citizens equally under the law.

Educate our Children

We support the belief that parents are responsible for their children’s education and that parents, teachers and local school boards can make the best decisions about our children’s education.

Strengthen our Families and Communities

We recognize the blessings that God has bestowed on this great Nation. We also recognize the sanctity of human life and the central role of the traditional family in our society. We work to defend those values in order to strengthen our families and communities.

Protect Public Safety

We believe that the most fundamental function of government is to keep citizens and our property secure.

Strengthen the Rule of Law

We support limiting the power of attorneys and frivolous lawsuits, increasing the responsibility of the jury, protecting judicial elections and holding judges accountable to strengthen the rule of law and prevent abuse of our legal system.

Enjoy and Protect our Natural Resources

We believe that proper stewardship of our natural resources and agricultural lands is best achieved through sound science and adherence to constitutionally guaranteed property rights.

Make Government Smaller and Better

We support keeping government functions in state, local or private hands, electing honest and responsive legislative bodies and advocating for fair election processes to make government smaller and better.

Defend America at Home and Abroad

We believe that we can maintain peace by having a strong national defense, securing our borders and by encouraging all people to seek freedom, democracy and free enterprise.

Our mission

  • We Communicate

    As a Senate District we are devoted to open and honest communication about issues and solutions happening in our community and state. SD34 aspires to keep you up to date on those who we elect through multiple different platforms to ensure that information is readily available and communicated appropriately.  We strive to inform those in our Senate District about current issues and candidates.

    There is so much happening around us, and we want to make sure that we stay engaged by effectively sharing information on the issues that are affecting all of us. SD34 also wants to keep people informed about each of the candidates running for political office. With many forms of streamlined media formats available today, the Senate District strives to utilize each distinct platform to ensure optimal communication throughout.

  • We Collaborate

    Your Senate District 34 works to bring all conservative groups and people together. As a community, we gather at meetings, events, social media, and personal interactions. In SD34, we strive for inclusiveness and reaching out to others. We are always looking for new people or groups to bring their expertise and passions to our organization.

    If you would like more information, or desire to be in contact with our Senate District Leadership, please email sd34mngop@gmail.com. Whether just referring people to each other, or working together with many different organizations, we work to promote collaboration both inside and outside of SD 34.

  • We Create

     Creating a safe environment for both political discussion and action, SD34 believes that all have the ability to state their opinions in a welcoming atmosphere. We believe in conservative causes, and wish to be able to discuss them in a safe environment, while working towards our goals. Our district is committed to listening to all who engage in conversation.

  • We Cultivate

    As a Senate District, we consider ourselves quite fortunate to have conservative representatives who pride themselves in maintaining active relationships with their constituents. SD 34 works to create and cultivate relationships through events, meetings, and social gatherings. If you would like to connect with us to find out about our events, or have a desire to connect with one of the representatives, please click the links below:

Statement of Principles

Our Constitution


Senate District 34 is led by an executive committee, whose members are elected during our regular convention, held in odd years, and serve two-year terms.

Executive Committee

Lauren Noack

Deputy Chair
Dave Nyce

Jane Harrison

Terry Metzgar

Vice Chairs
Gregg Peppin
Kalli Limmer
Rob Gerhart
Mike O’Staffe
Brad Ganzer
Justin Rohloff
Kerstin Schultz
Jon McCullough
Jennifer McCullough
Tristan Ende